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Areas to know about Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are described as a mechanised traction system with a base support, attaching rods and a support for the gland attached to the penis. The purpose of a penis extender is to stretch the penis from base to tip to facilitate penis tissue growth by cell division, known as the mitosis and cytokinesis process. In medical journals, academic papers and lab studies, the scientific explanation of penis traction can be found everywhere, so I won’t get into the specifics. visit

The penis traction approach has been demonstrated many times over and it is possible to find a wealth of knowledge online. What is more difficult to collect information on and get the truth from is which penis extender is of the highest quality on the market, which would naturally rely on the results it will provide. You have come to the right location if you have been looking for a penis extender. To put them under my honest review, I have picked the top five penis extenders in the world. At this time, the same top 5 penis extenders were consistently selected by penis extender review sites worldwide. Fast Extender Pro penis extender, male edge extender, jes extender, phallosan and sizegenetics extender are the list of the top-rated penis extenders in this order. There are currently several other systems on the market, but they are omitted from making the top 5 list of best penis extenders tested due to the cheaper cost and the fact that they are not produced in the USA. The following list will display main differences between the lowest at the beginning of the top leading extenders and the highest at the bottom of the list. This list can assist you in deciding which penis extender to get. The newest extender on the market is the Phallosan extender. Similar to a belt, it exerts tension, you wear it around your waist, and the tighter you wrap it, the tenser it exerts. As the belt system is made of coarse material that is similar to wool, this system is not very comfortable. You may not like how the belt feels against your skin if you don’t like the wool.