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Benefits of Hiring Greenfield Water Solutions

To a water treatment company in the United Kingdom, the LCA certificate is the one thing you want to obtain in the post coming late August. And it doesn’t get quick! It’s stressful coming from the person who had to apply for this year’s re-registration (for the first and last time) There were weeks of stress between sending out the re-registration papers and getting the certificate after the hard work involved in bringing it together. Then then, after all the fingernails from my hands had vanished then sleep had become a distant memory … The dreaded certificate had arrived and it was a ‘Phase 2-Temporary Certificate’ which lasted only until October 2009 … It’s time to start over again.Have a look at Greenfield Water Solutions for more info on this.

What I am essentially trying to say is that having accreditations takes a lot of effort. The accrediting company wants evidence that you are doing what you say you are, and each participant will be audited-usually every couple of years (so you can’t really do it all!).

The idea that the company you are paying the seem like an easy argument to make, but how much do you really believe your suppliers know what they are doing without checking them on it? I would highly recommend that the water treatment company be tested on their expertise-legionella control is the rule and you need to know that you are getting the best.

The other point to make about this is one which applies to any service you buy … Costs covered up. It is how companies that charge what seems to be a ‘too good to be true’ rate make profits. And as the saying goes, if it seems too nice to be true, it is generally so.

That doesn’t matter what corporations think about themselves, it is what others think about them.

Ask for 2 or 3 testimonials or references from a possible water treatment supplier. Contact any of these people-whether they like the business enough to send testimonials or decide to serve as a referee they won’t mind you calling them to verify. Ask them questions, and find out what was done on-site water treatment. If your business is really wanted by the water treatment company, they will provide you with contact information of places where the job was close to what it would be on yours. Bingo-You removed any testimonials made-up and got a good insight into how the company operates and looks after its clients