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Carpet Cleaning: Before or After a Party

Only one way to make your house more presentable is in preparation for a group carpet cleaning. You want them to see the place clean and tidy as visitors step through the gates. Perhaps, if it was the first time these visitors visited your home, making a first impression may seem much more relevant. But when you’re thinking about getting ready, will you make plans to clean the floors before or after the event? Visit Rug Cleaning Horsham West Sussex.

Preceding the Event

One of your highest priorities is to make that place look good. Carpet cleaning will add a new, clean look to your home. Timing is all that, though. Make sure you make the appointment premature enough to have everything dry before anybody walks in. Unless you have other plans to make, you probably need it even sooner to be dry. When you are concerned that the timing will be cut too short, make the appointment a few days before the party.

Unfortunately as soon as the first person walks in with their shoes on you may start noticing the diminishing effects of cleaning your carpet. They are bringing in new dirt and some of the previous stains you had just removed could be brought back by wear. Consider asking your guests to leave their shoes in front door. Many people don’t mind the appeal, while for others it may be uncomfortable.

After the Series

Scheduling carpet cleaning after the party ensures you can take care of everything that spills and stains that have turned up right away. You know a party would leave you a mess. Your house never looks as good as when you started seeing people roaming all over the place dining, drinking and having a generally good time. When the event is over you can sit back and relax and get back to life in your home.

This means on the downside that visitors would definitely see the floors in less than flawless condition. You may be able to spot a stain or two and that isn’t their first preference for other hosts or hostesses. Nevertheless, when humans first walk into a house, their eyes are not usually attracted to the ground. We want to look at how you’ve decorated it, and how it feels like a whole city. When your eyes fly straight to the stains, they can miss them entirely.