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Custom Pool Tables

Custom design offers versatility and customized creativity. Design pool tables can be made with a wide variety of styles including woods, inlays, felts, and pockets. Custom pool tables are designed and engineered. Some custom pool tables are centuries-old and still fine, beautiful and soundy. You may find more details about this at

Custom pool tables are available in various styles, with different finishes and sizes. There are more than 30 shades of the felt, many fabrics and more than 10 designs of the pockets and legs. Elegant, durable and competitively priced custom pool tables are guaranteed. You can create custom pool tables with smooth, tapered designs, computer-generated artwork and custom airbrushed graphics, polished to a mirror finish.

There are also custom tables with mahogany, black or carbon and beech finishes. Every table frame is made of carefully selected wood. These tables’ inlays are made from a variety of materials including veneer, mother-of-pearl and metals. Custom pool tables made of mahogany can be purchased with 9 foot wave. There are also 9 foot arch custom pool tables made from woods such as Cherry and rosewood with pearl inlays. Evitating threetle custom pool tables are 8 foot tall, made of Cocobolo, Oak, Cherry and oval silver inlays. Custom pool tables come in solid fiberglass construction, carefully designed and beautifully painted with customers in mind. Custom pool tables are sometimes used to create sleek powder-coated steel, precision-ground slates, and championship billiard fabrics. These pool tables and accessories appear predominantly in star hotels and celebrity homes.

Custom made quality pool tables are crafted by hand with particular attention to workmanship. Only the highest level of craftsmanship, durability and esthetics are used in custom pool tables. Most pool tables manufacturers supply table cloth for custom pool tables with permanently laser printed high definition patterns. They come in a range of colours.