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Details About Perth Skirting Boards Supplier

Some types of furniture such as tables, shelves and tables need to stand against the wall. The edges of these pieces of furniture will damage your walls and this can be a concern if your walls have exquisite wallpaper or panelling or if your walls are made of finely grained wood.If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Perth Skirting Boards Painting.

The area on your wall that is not occupied by these pieces of furniture can fade with time, creating an irregular colour on your walls. Both of this may be embarrassing when you decide to rearrange or change your furniture, and you will need to repaint your walls or repair your wallpaper.

However, if you have flooring, when you replace or rearrange your furniture, you can completely eliminate the need to repaint or repaper your walls. That’s because your furniture won’t have to lean directly against the walls. Baseboards provide room between your furniture and the wall.

Skirting boards hide awkward wees

Apart from dirt , dust and signs of disrepair, nothing in a house looks more unsightly than wires hanging against the wall like vines and tendrils or snaking along the floor. Instead of making your home’s wiring stick out this way, you can catch them and conceal them behind baseboards.

You can design baseboards with room for wiring on your own if you have the skill and ability for carpentry. You can also buy baseboards which already have the allotments for wiring you need.

Nowadays, fitting the skirting board is a lot simpler for the difficulties encountered many years ago when the architecture of the houses was a little different from today’s.

One of the problems commonly faced is that the finish on the wall typically stops around 6 to 7 inches from the floorboard. This was done intentionally as it would avoid any bridging of the DPC in place thereby preventing water from making its way up the wall.