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Dummy Security Cameras for Your Security Budget

We all know how terrible crime has gotten, and that it continues to deteriorate in nearly every part of the world. Security Cameras-Vivint Smart Home has some nice tips on this. Crime is out of control whether its home invasions or vandalism. And, almost every homeowner and business owner is looking for a way to give their property, their families and their employees some level of protection. Yet, financially, it is challenging times. So, people are looking for an efficient way to deter crime that doesn’t cost a lot, is secure, and some approved (expensive) installer doesn’t have to install it.

A lot of people turn to Dummy Security Cameras to achieve this level of security. Some people install systems that consist only of these fake surveillance cameras, while others also install hybrid systems that use actual outdoor security cameras as well as fake cameras. Either way is effective, inexpensive and relatively easy.

A fake security camera is a camera housing manufactured by the same people who make the real surveillance cameras, but doesn’t have the camera technology inside. It’s much less costly, as it doesn’t have the expensive infrastructure. Also, it doesn’t have to be linked to a DVR or monitoring station, because it’s not a true, working device. Therefore, with products like cabling, etc., it not only costs less, it is also much easier to mount. They can also remove the costly DVR. They come complete with a fake cable coming from the back, so anyone would be burglar couldn’t tell it isn’t genuine. In addition, some even sell flashing LED lights that run on batteries to further enhance the appearance of being a true, working camera outside. So, if you want your device to consist of just these fake surveillance cameras, you can install it in an hour or so, maybe it will cost $100-200 and start faking out the criminals immediately.

Nevertheless, it’s just as simple if you want to add some actual outdoor security cameras, as well as some fake surveillance cameras. You will find full outdoor surveillance systems, down to the cabling and bolts, which typically come with 4, 8 or 16 real cameras along with a DVR. Yet, too many homeowners and business owners are purchasing, claim a 4 camera device, and add another 4-dummy surveillance cameras to it. They can thus “cover” double the area but not spend double the money. Furthermore, because only 4 cameras need to be linked to the central station, time and resources would be significantly reduced from what an 8 camera network requires. Once, the burglar won’t know which surveillance cameras, if any, are fakes, and which ones are actual.