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Info on Starting a Home Bakery Business

This can be a wonderful home business that can be started by anyone with talent-it offers tremendous growth opportunities and we have many fantastic ideas for you!! has some nice tips on this.

Ways to expand your bakery (in no particular order)


One of the most popular ways of increasing your company is by expanding the goods you sell and the number of customers you represent.

— Widening the product lines by offering:

  1. Unique Address: fitness, nutritional and/or religious needs;
  2. Cater for special occasions (e.g. birthday, proposal, marriage, honeymoon, wedding, baby shower and retirement);
  3. Using specific ingredients, for example local, in seasonal fruit; and
  4. Answer seasonality (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valetine for example).

— Extend your coverage area with the use of delivery or courier services.


This may seem at odds with the earlier suggestions for diversifying the business but sometimes people find more success by discovering and concentrating on an under-serviced market. For example, if there is nowhere else in your region to get nut-free desserts you can find that you are in very high demand. You can also build a reputation for fantastic wedding cakes or desserts that spell out or contain proposals and never need anything else to make.


One of the major reasons businesses like this fail is that customers either don’t know the company exists or don’t know what the company gives them. And having your company recognized is important.

  1. Placed the advertising in local media, magazines and websites;
  2. Be seen at trade shows, baking sales, bazaars, fairs and other community activities (and have your goods tasted);
  3. Let your company advertise itself-it can be a perfect way to expose people to what you’re offering free items. You can distribute samples directly to potential customers, or contribute products to support fundraising efforts.


There is always a strong demand for a good baker-you only need to find out who is looking for your services.

  1. Contact local businesses like restaurants, rental halls, bakeries, caterers, party planners, hotels, cafes, stores, etc … To see if they want new, custom baked goods; and
  2. Partner with local groups such as churches, colleges and clubs to provide the participants with baked goods or special events.

Until your company expands, however, you need to ensure your core business is stable and sustainable. Before growing your food business, it’s key that you address the following issues:

Are there any local laws in your home regarding running a bakery?

— Some regions require water monitoring and other Health Department requirements, such as double sinks and sufficient cold storage;

— Some government agencies have the power to regulate the ingredients you can use in your business; and

— Some areas require that you obtain a small business license to run any business away from your home.

What are your responsibilities regarding the health and safety of the people who buy your food?

— Each food provider must decide what their approach to allergy sufferers will be. You might decide to ignore food allergies and open up to the risk that someone will get sick from your food. Still, one of the following is a better idea to do:

  1. Use whatever ingredients you want but make sure you mark all foods prominently with a list of ingredients; or
  2. Do not use common allergenic ingredients that cause items like nuts and seafood. If you do this and make sure your work area is completely clear of these items then you can serve a frequently overlooked segment of the population and this can be a great marketing strategy. Most food-based business chooses to use some combination of the above having “safe” food for certain events or even just a few “safe” dishes at each event;

— Food preparers need to recognize that multicultural world in which we live. Just as caterers seek to provide vegetarian meals, bakers begin to recognize that it is becoming increasingly important to consider the needs of vegans, vegetarians and religiously restricted persons. By designing a few alternative dishes for individuals in these categories you are showing your customers interest and versatility;

-Caused by the rise of bacteria like E. It is increasingly important for you to be very careful with Coli and Listeria when buying, handling, preparing and storing food. Proper cooling, antibacterial cleaning of all utensils, and cleaning surfaces are critical.