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Is IV Therapy Right For You?

In recent years, and with good cause, an intravenous vitamin injection known as The Myers Combination has been the new wellness craze. Along with related IV vitamin treatments, the Myers Combination has been used effectively to combat multiple illnesses, as a support for the immune system and as part of a regular treatment routine.Learn more by visiting  IV Therapy near me

Created by physician John Myers, M.D., in the 1970s. The Myers Cocktail at John Hopkins University in Baltimore includes vitamin C, zinc, magnesium , calcium, and all of the water-diluted B vitamins.

The intravenous ingestion of vitamins immediately injects vital vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract and facilitating fast absorption. Sometimes, the stomach is still inflamed while the body of an individual is ill or gets infected, rendering oral absorption challenging and less effective. Vitamin IVs, while boosting energy and hydrating the body, allow effective and fast absorption. Nutrient intravenous delivery often allows for a far greater dose than can be done orally to reach the bloodstream.

During the winter months, people begin to get ill and are in need of a boost to the immune system. This vitamin therapy only offers them the support they require, just for general wellbeing, to deter just combat disease.

IV Vitamin Treatment Effects

Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue-Nutritional and vitamin deficiency is often normal in patients who suffer from tiredness, chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue. IV vitamin therapy restores the body with necessary vitamins and minerals, growing vitality and restoring enzyme processes.

Cancer-Research shows that a strong vitamin C intake has a detrimental influence on the development of cancer cells. Intravenously ingested vitamin C provides the body with greater amounts of vitamin C and other nutrients than if consumed orally. By-lymphatic development and preventing cellular free radical damage, high levels of vitamin C helps improve the immune system. By minimising the intensity of radiation while lowering the cancer destroying impact of the medication, vitamin C also allows patients to better withstand chemotherapy.

Autoimmune conditions-In IV vitamin treatment, the vitamins and nutrients contained help minimise inflammation in the body. In treating popular autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis , lupus, Sjorgren ‘s Syndrome and scleroderma, vitamin therapy may be highly efficient.

Migraines-Migraine symptoms are also associated with impaired bowel function, allowing the body to have impaired absorption of nutrients and vitamins via the digestive tract. Through bypassing the digestive system and bringing the nutrients straight into the blood stream, administering the vitamins intravenously avoids this problem. The strong magnesium dose present in the mix tends to minimise the incidence and duration of migraine headaches. Magnesium, which gives substantial migraine relief, relaxes muscle contraction and dilates blood vessels.

Detoxification-IV vitamin treatment is used during detoxification as dietary reinforcement. They also restrict their food consumption while patients are on a detox diet, and may often not get calories into the body. Not only does vitamin IV bring vital nutrients into the bloodstream, it also encourages the liver to rid of contaminants.