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Kitchen Counter Tops

If you are remodelling your kitchen or building it for your new home, one of the most important considerations to make is for your kitchen counter tops. These surfaces will be your kitchen’s most noticeable areas, and therefore the most used. Material option can play an significant role in both the look and ease of cleaning your kitchen counter tops. Ceramic tiles, stainless steel , cement, cement composites, and manmade materials are among the materials available.If you are looking for more tips, check out best sealer for marble countertops.

Ceramic tiles will make a nice surface for the counter tops of your kitchen. The available variety is limited only by your imagination and your pocketbook. Artists are available who can design your tiles to suit your decor needs. This could be the best way to design a decor for your new or remodelled kitchen that fits your needs. The biggest downside is the extra work needed to maintain a hygienic tile counter surface for preparing your food. A sealant coat should be added to the grout used to hold the tiles in place and special consideration should be paid to keeping the region of your kitchen counter tops clean and clear of bacteria.

The Stainless Steel kitchen counter tops will give your kitchen the appearance of modern technology. Quick to clean bright shiny metal surfaces give an impression of space age that matches almost every kitchen decoration. This durable material will bear the abuse that an active kitchen can withstand from the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and the preparation of daily food. Stainless steel can withstand cracks and dents from everyday use, and will not crack. If you want to achieve a sleek chic look in your kitchen decor this material should be considered at the top of your list.

Another metal that is not always regarded as pure copper for kitchen counter tops is. This softer product, as it has a “lining finish” in its pure state and is highly hygienic. Tests have shown that many bacteria living in kitchen conditions can be destroyed by pure copper. The soft brown finish which copper achieves over time will give your kitchen decor a mellow appearance. The metal’s softness can scratch quicker than other materials but the “living finish” can easily restore the appearance of your kitchen counter tops. Only buff or sand the metal again smooth and the warm brown colour will reappear in a few weeks time.

A number of stones are used for the kitchen counter tops. Marble, granite, travertine, and slate are among the most common. These stones come in a number of colours, including the most coloured travertine. Travertine ‘s downside is the existing pits and grooves this stone contains. Giving the perfect smooth surface in kitchen counter tops requires filler. Marble is smooth and comes in many colours but this stone’s porous nature requires a sealant to withstand stains and liquids. Granite also needs to be sealed against liquids and is available in small shades. Natural slate is highly resistant to water and stain, and is very convenient to keep clean and hygienic. Because of its very thick design Slate even avoids scratches well. These properties render a highly sought after material for laboratory counter tops.

Stone composites have all of the natural stone hardness, are already sealed against moisture and come in a range of colours that reach across the composite. Both granite composite and quartz composite materials give these readily. Granite composite is much stronger than quartz composite due to the greater stone density in the composite material. Composite quartz comes in more shades than granite, and the colours spread across the entire stock. Both of these composites can give you powerful long-lasting kitchen counter tops which can easily blend into your kitchen decor. There are aggregate composites available which use natural material mixed with durable resin filler which is nearly as hard as the stone composites mentioned above. This composite aggregate can be found in more colours than other stone composites, allowing you versatility in your design choices.