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Personal Injury Lawyers and What They Do

The time for those concerned just after a traffic crash is full of a whirlwind of events. There are choices that need to be taken because there is usually not much room to implement them as any of the problems that need to be resolved as quickly as possible. In addition, if injuries are involved then the person or persons who have been injured may not have the ability to do everything that needs to be done so that they can get a claim filed in sufficient time to ensure that the negligent person takes care of their responsibilities. Some of the choices that would need to be taken includes whether or not a personal injuries specialist would continue to be retained to help them in their lawsuit. Here’s a brief glance at what this group of lawyers use to make an educated judgment. For more details click Page & Eichenblatt, P.A.

Just after the accident

The attorney’s objective in the time immediately after a car accident will be to collect the details of the incident and to draw some decisions based on those evidence. The client and the lawyer will have a chat where the lawyer will ask a variety of questions. The response to those questions will determine:

Is the client to blame and if so, how much of that blame lies with the client?

In the end, who is liable for the accident?

Will he stand up in court if an argument is pursued?

Which are the victim’s existing losses, so what penalties have likely to come?

Once the attorney has gained a fair grasp of the accident and the circumstances involved, he will determine whether pursuing a claim is in the best interest of the client and if so, how much of a settlement they may get. The prosecutor will also hold a consultation with the client and will inform them on all the necessary alternatives. If the decision is to file the claim then that is what the lawyer will do.

Filing a petition

If the determination to bring a lawsuit has been taken, the counsel must insure that all papers are submitted within the timelines set down. For this type of case, there are laws of limitations and an advocate is more qualified and willing to do so than other people.


When the insurance firm does not agree to negotiate or pay on an sum that is smaller than what it will be, instead the counsel must argue in arbitration with the defendant. In court, the insurance companies will most of the time try to pass the fault of the accident on to the victim. The counsel should show the evidence and see to it that justice is done.