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I’m sure we’ve all heard from our parents that we might as well be prepared to spend the night if we ever end up in prison. You can bet that one of the most traumatic experiences that anyone could ever experience is probably a night in jail. Jails are certainly not like the Mayberry jail, where your cellmate is a gentle Ole Otis. Not close either. If a young man is arrested and not bailed out quickly in Los Angeles County, he will be transported to the Twin Towers or the Central Jail Facilities for Men. When we say, believe us, this is not a place that you want your loved one to be. The Men’s Central Jail was reported in 2006 by the Los Angeles Times as one of the most violent facilities in the country. follow this link

Nine prisoners have been reported to have been killed in that jail since 2003. It’s not a fun place, so you can see, and it can be dangerous. Your young adult might not end up in a violent prison facility, depending on the place of arrest. If they have been arrested and not bailed out by a smaller police agency, chances are that they can be transferred to a larger prison facility pretty quickly. Then all over again, they are processed and booked. What does the whole thing mean? Well, instead of a possible night in prison, it might mean days in prison. Young adults sometimes make mistakes and bad choices, but it is not necessary to have them sit down in prison to teach them a lesson. It should be sufficient for them to have a serious impact by having to go through the legal process itself. They will have to deal with the total embarrassment of the arrest and booking process on their own, not to mention the loss of liberty and having to explain their actions to law enforcement officials and the court system.