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Seattle Utility Locating Services – Essentials

The Buckley Utility Locating System (UVLS) is a patented technology that offers quick and efficient location of underground utility services such as sewage, storm water drainage, septic tank systems, water mains and gas pipelines. With UVLS, you no longer have to hire an expensive surveying firm to conduct the inspection on your behalf. A professionally trained technician can locate all utility structures at your location in just minutes. Seattle Utility Locating Services has some nice tips on this. An underground utility system is located by means of a specially-designed ultraviolet lamp. This method uses high-definition video technology to get clear, reliable visual evidence on where the utility structures are located.

This method helps to assess any problems involved in the sewer and storm water pipes, including blockages or leaks, besides determining the exact location of the utility structures. The UVL’s system provides several different options to provide data related to a buried utility or a newly-installed utility. When it comes to locating utility, the Buckley Utility Locating System uses a combination of advanced video technology and high definition imaging to produce clear, reliable, and precise images of utility structures. For underground utility locating, the Buckley Utility Locating System has two main options available. One option allows the user to choose between a “hot spot” system and a “cold spot” system. With the hot spot system, the user can scan through a large number of video frames and select the ones showing utility structures. If the user does not find any utility objects within these frames, then the user can select the other option, which uses a “cold spot” scan.

With this system, the user can choose from a database of utility locations and select the ones that they want to identify. This method provides information based on the latest mapping data, which is very useful in detecting areas of potential flooding and damage. This method also works well in assessing the condition of underground utility structures and the level of their integrity. It also identifies places where water penetration is likely to occur. UVL’s technology ensures that the highest level of service is provided to its users.

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