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What To Look For In A Limousine Company? Know More About Limousine

If you look at the limo companies websites, you will see page by page of text telling you how beautiful and exotic their cars are, and how smarter their owner is than anybody else in the industry. I certainly agree that a certain degree of bravado is essential if your Google or Yahoo search is to find the website, but is that bravado making good service? Is that fancy car making or breaking the deal? The most important thing in my opinion is the people, and especially the chauffeur.Do you want to learn more? visit

In my opinion (and I’ve been in the travel industry for 20 years) a car is a car, and that car is only the vehicle (pun intended) for the good service. Good service begins with the booking and ends with the chauffeur experience. I look for a company when I travel that calls the limo operator or sedan with the title “Chauffeur.” Chauffeurs aren’t drivers and drivers aren’t chauffeurs. More often than not, the companies that employ drives pay $8-$10 an hour for them. Hhmmmmm, that’s what a quick-food company pays a fry cook. Would you like someone to drive you around (or one of YOUR clients or guests) who could have been flipping your burger just the day before? I don’t believe it. I ‘m looking for a limo company and I’m looking for a company that has seasoned chauffeurs.

Drivers and chauffeurs are in a world of difference. Limo drivers are often just limo drivers-independent operators who are happy to have the customer drop off from the pickup. Limo drivers are generally pleasant people, but they focus more on the limousine than on the service. The Chauffeur embraces the concept of Complete Customer Care and each time we exceed the expectations of customers … regardless of what that expectation is as it relates to their limousine transport.