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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy For Cancer

Ozone therapy has become a popular alternative medical therapy in recent years. Food and Drug Administration banned all future medical uses of ozone. In the meantime, there have been some advances in the field of Ozone Therapy as a cancer therapy. Many of these developments have been published in the peer reviewed scientific journals.Learn more about us at San Diego Ozone Therapy

While ozone therapy for cancer has received much attention in the scientific community, it has not been tested in humans. As such, the results of this type of therapy have not been proven medically. This treatment for cancer was developed by Dr. Carl D. Dabney in the 1950s. The treatment has been developed to kill cancer cells with very little harm to healthy tissue. The primary use of Ozone is as a disinfectant. It kills many types of cancer cells, but has no effect on healthy tissue

In addition to treating cancer, ozone therapy can also help people who are exposed to a variety of toxins. A number of industries use Ozone in their products. These include the paint industry, automotive industry, semiconductor industry, medical device industry, and food and beverage industry. The FDA does not regulate the use of Ozone Therapy for this reason and doctors should be cautious when recommending it for other reasons.