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It seems like the general public assumes that real estate agents are all equal. By comparison, not all real estate agents are the same. Instead of attempting to sell your house on your own, this article focuses on the difference between a realtor and a real estate agent, as well as the benefits you will reap from using a realtor. Feel free to visit their website at Gainesville Realtor for more details.

So what’s so unique about a realtor’s title? A real estate agent must belong to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS in order to be designated as a realtor. As a member of this group, the realtor must abide by a written code of ethics, with implications similar to disbarment of law and loss of a medical licence as a doctor. The code of ethics has been in effect for almost 100 years and is revisited and revised periodically to meet the needs of our evolving society and to ensure the realtor practises conduct that suits a professional. So this code of ethics is the key element that sets a real estate agent apart from a realtor.

Working with a realtor as a home buyer or seller should offer you peace of mind that you will receive fair and ethical treatment in each case. In comparison to a code of conduct that is merely “understood,” the realtor promises to obey this code of ethics and is held accountable for their actions. In fact, if they are lax in enforcing the code, the governing body will subject realtors to punishment.

Although the awareness that a realtor must adhere to a higher authority is comforting, the use of a realtor in your real estate transaction has a range of other advantages.

Immobilizers have experience:

Having been through the process of buying and selling several properties, the realtor has an information bank to draw on and is ready for any possible surprises or pitfalls that may occur. Because buying a home is always someone’s single biggest investment, depending on a professional to direct you through the process makes sense. If someone brings you to court and sues you for $10,000, there’s no doubt that you’re going to hire a lawyer to make sure you’re hanging on to your assets. Isn’t a specialist worth it with an investment of 10 times that amount?

REALTORS have access to tools for marketing:

While you can run an advertisement in your local paper, the realtor has access to a variety of other avenues where they can help you price and market your home accordingly. Because immediate publicity is key when you sell a home, two of the most important resources at your disposal are pricing and marketing. If you over-price your house, you may be wasting your time looking at your home with the wrong potential buyers. If your home is under-priced, you may miss out on thousands of dollars and never know that. Realtors have access to all local listings from every entity, including access to the local multi-listing service (MLS) databases. Your home is featured on several websites via the MLS service, so your home receives full exposure that is not confined to your particular region.

REALTORS are aware of how to negotiate:

Realtors negotiate on a daily basis as part of their jobs. There are a variety of things to take into consideration during the negotiating process, making it important to have a specialist in your corner. There are numerous places where a realtor can help you stay on top of the game during negotiations, considering factors such as cost, financing, inspection, maintenance, title problems, fixtures remaining at home, possessions, and human emotions, just to name a few. As they have experience with what is feasible and/or practical, Realtor ensures that you get the best offer for your situation.

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