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Details About Ultherapy

Few things are as unavoidable as the toll on your skin from gravity. All of a sudden, one day, reality looks at you square in the face. You think it’s because last night you did not sleep well, but then you know that this dilemma is not going to be solved by an afternoon nap. This is the drooping eyebrow of Bonafide! One of the most sought-after remedies in aesthetic medicine is non-surgical methods of treating laxity of the face and neck. Several methods have been introduced in the past to tighten the skin, and a number claim to achieve skin tightening. None, however, have proven to be reliable and reproducible, and several patients leave unsatisfied.ultherapy near me has some nice tips on this.

Ultherapy is a new concept and a quantum leap from other devices focused on non-surgical energy used to tighten and raise the skin. In order to image tissue under the skin, this technology incorporates ultrasound imaging with acoustic energy, accompanied by the exact delivery of energy to the desired depth. When we get older, due to gravity and heat, our faces sag and wrinkles pop up. Until recently, a face lift, an inexpensive yet invasive procedure synonymous with downtime, risk of scars, and side effects, was the key solution to improving skin sagging.

Ultrasound therapy is a revolutionary technology that provides energy without cutting, which tightens the skin. No scalpels, no cutting, no needles. Ultherapy is not a face lift, however, and does not achieve the same results as a facelift. A facelift makes the clock stop. Ultherapy, by generating new structural collagen, slows down the ageing process. Ultherapy may be ideal for surgical candidates who are reluctant or unable to undergo facial surgery as a standalone procedure, or for those candidates who choose to postpone surgery.

Ultherapy ‘s beauty is that there’s no downtime. Patients will return to work the same day and there is no swelling, bleeding or crusting.