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What You Don’t Know About Meier Family Chiropractic

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of various neuromuscular conditions, with an emphasis primarily on manual manipulation and spinal adjustment. Chiropractic is commonly classified as conventional medicine or alternative medicine. It incorporates the discipline of medicine, chiropractic, and other modalities such as behavioral counseling, diet and physical activity programs, pranayam, hydrotherapy, and neurotherapy. A chiropractor might use diagnostic testing in the office, but most often, patients are treated by a chiropractor when they come to the office for an initial consultation. A chiropractor might also refer their patient to a general practitioner, an expert in a field unrelated to chiropractic, or even to a medical doctor for the care of severe acute conditions.Find additional information at Meier Family Chiropractic, Waukee.

If your child or you are suffering from some form of acute or chronic pain, a chiropractor may be able to help you. The chiropractor may prescribe medications to help manage your pain or refer you to a specialist for pain management. The chiropractor will first do a thorough exam, including x-rays, to determine the origin and location of your pain, and then perform adjustments to the soft tissues to help relieve your symptoms.

If a chiropractor detects a herniated or bulging disc, they will often perform a disk bulgingectomy. This procedure removes a bulge from your disk that is pressing on one or more of your vertebrae. A chiropractor may use various methods to manipulate your spine without going to the hospital, including manipulating only the back side of your spine, or performing multiple manipulative techniques. A chiropractor can make use of various devices such as spinal braces or traction devices to help achieve proper spinal alignment. Some of these devices, such as disks, can cause a little discomfort while other products can help to alleviate pain.

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