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The Best Epoxy Floor Finish For Your Garage

Improve functionality and look of your garage. And start doing that with the floor of your garage. Use epoxy floor finish which is one of the best options for you. Flooring is an excellent resource for this. Over the past few years, garages have evolved to be more than just a warehouse space and a car park. Currently garages are used as a family room for sports, games and even as well.

If you use your garage for more purposes than the ordinary, it’s best for your own good to upgrade it considerably.

Invest in making your garage really appealing. You can use epoxy floor finishes for that as suggested earlier. While this technique may be a bit time consuming, it’s all worth the effort. Paints can be quite a challenge right now, but in the long run you’ll greatly benefit from it.

When you plan to use epoxy paints on your garage floor, the first move is to wear proper eye, face and body protection. Keep in mind you will be dealing with chemicals. And, to secure you, you must use goggles , gloves, and overalls.

You also need to plan the floor more than you, before submitting. Alas, you ‘re just not applying the paint like that. To clean the entire area of your garage floor you’ll need a stiff broom and a pressure washer.

Once done , the next step would be to apply a solution to etch it on the floor. This step is to ensure paint flows well into the concrete and binds to it. As such, it won’t stick to your car’s tires no matter how hot it might be. Often, the solution is used to completely get rid of tiny dusts on the surface, cleaning it more thoroughly. It makes the concrete fit for use in color.

But then, the cracks and chips must be visible to your board. If there were some, then you must first patch them. Create cement concrete putty, add it to the floor and just let it dry. You can start the paint job now, once the cracks are taken care of.

A roller can be used for even strokes and for faster results. But leave the corners. You may later use a broad brush for that. Let the first layer dry up a bit before the second coating is applied. To achieve the perfect epoxy floor finish you want you can put three to four layers as you wish.