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Tips on How to Apply Epoxy Floor Coating

The use of an epoxy floor coating has long been realized to elegantly render concrete floors and to protect them from damage. This is widely used on factory floors, owing to its hardness and longevity. Apart from these, gasoline, grease, and other chemicals that can kill floors are also considered to be immune. In the earlier years, epoxy floor covering was used only by merchandise stores but in recent years it has become a trend for home and garage use. Adhesives Lab Epoxy Flooring Supplier Toronto is an excellent resource for this.

Most homeowners would like someone to apply the epoxy floor covering, but you can still do it on your own. Ok, here’s how.

Firstly, you need to weigh your floor to know how much epoxy floor covering you need to purchase. After that, you’ll most likely need to buy an epoxy paint and an epoxy paint hardener in one package. Never be confused with epoxy paint outside and indoor as well as epoxy paint in the swimming pool. Ask the person in charge of the paints market to have a clear view on what kind of purchase you need. Otherwise, you can buy online a floor coating kit which includes a DVD manual.

Cleaning the floor as thoroughly as possible is crucial. Wash the floor with water, and soap the dish, then allow it to dry. You should buy a degreaser at a hardware store if you are having a rough time washing floors with grease stains on them. Then wipe the degreaser with a cloth and rinse it with water.

Scrape over the board. While doing this procedure, you must wear protective gloves and masks because it involves the use of muriatic acid. Mix the muriatic acid and water, and rinse with cold water afterwards. A cup of muriatic acid suffices for a gallon of water. Do not spread the mixture with fabric, but using a broom handle.

When you have a manual you know how much hardener and epoxy paint you ‘re going to need. Mix the two together for about 5 minutes, then leave for 30 minutes.