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Tool about How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

Therefore, you would have to do away with the finish entirely if the original paint was oil and you want to use latex. Ask your paint dealer what kind of chemical substance to use on your cabinet to remove the old finish. Take along a front sample drawer for review by your paint dealer. First Wash, then Stain or Paint, and then Wash Again.Do you want to learn more? Visit Your Domain Name

Next, to smooth them out, you have to sand the cabinets. Using medium grade sandpaper and thoroughly and uniformly sand them. Be mindful that you can ground grease and dirt right into the surfaces of your cabinets if you are refinishing your kitchen cabinets and you start to sand too fast. You want a clean, smooth surface to work with when making sand.

You should apply it with caution when the surface is ready to stain or paint. Wait for the recommended time if you stain, before putting on a varnish or polyurethane finish. Let it dry for several days if you paint. Put on the paint or varnish in several thin coats and sand between each coat in any case. Do the final sanding with fine sandpaper when you are done. To refinish them, the final move is to mount them and reinstall the hardware. You will have a brand-new look after you have done that.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets can be an option that is more economical and easier to refurbish. If your cabinets are just beginning to demonstrate their age and have not undergone any real harm, then refinishing them may just be the remedy you need. Without having to reach into your savings to get it done, it is also a perfect way to give your kitchen a whole new look: most refinishing jobs just cost a few hundred dollars.

This is probably the easiest move in the entire process, but with them still hanging up, it is practically impossible to get it done. This is because you could inadvertently do any harm to other parts of the cabinets, and without making the finishing liquids spill down and tarnish the floor or the countertops, it is impossible to refinish them.