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Traffic Ticket – Fight Back!

Traffic tickets are very popular and extremely costly! A individual getting a traffic ticket happens about every 3 seconds around the world and 90 per cent of people admit that they are guilty when they are pulled over. That is an utter error! Learn how to fight traffic violations as soon as they are pulled over, but they never really know how. Without a war that you could easily win, they let the state and government win! Careless Driving in Springfield is an excellent resource for this.

Did you hear about traffic ticket scam? Okay, I’m sure you’ve got it and that’s what these cops do on the road to you! In particular you have to fight back against all the speeding tickets. It’s easy to beat a traffic ticket if you play your cards correctly and here’s how. Many radar systems of police officers malfunction and here are five explanations for this:

  1. Panning-This occurs when the unit held by hand is swept over the car’s dashboard or the control unit fixed to the car’s dash.
  2. Mechanical interference-the air conditioning or heating fan in the police car, alternator, ignition noise, moving signs on the road, anything that operates near the road will throw off the readings.
  3. Shadowing-all moving radar units have this problem since the target speed is calculated by removing the police car’s speed from the target’s closing speed.
  4. Batching-this error occurs when the police car either slows down or accelerates when the radar unit still calculates the speed of the vehicle being targeted.
  5. Radio or microwave interference — any external source of a frequency transmission such as a CB radio, ham or police radio, local airport radar, mobile phones, power lines, neon or mercury vapor lights, power substations, etc., any of these interferences that discard the radar unit calculations.

In addition to these above-mentioned errors, there are several ways police officers can actually cheat on the reading. This occurred because some smaller communities considered traffic tickets to be an incredibly successful way of raising money for their budget. These intentional errors could include:

  1. Target one vehicle that accelerates and gives other people a lot of speeding tickets.
  2. Whistle on the patrol car into the CB, which will send out a pitch of high frequency and adjust the speed that appears on the radar.
  3. Aim the unit at ground level and swing the unit to air.
  4. Clock an airplane which is very low flying.
  5. Set the unit mounted on the car to calibrate, and the unit will record whatever the speed of the patrol car at the time.

So as you can see, the number one error people make is admitting guilt when they get a speeding ticket. Once you acknowledge guilt you absolutely have no chance of winning in court! Fighting traffic tickets is MUST everyone should know, it would save you more than $1200 over the course of a few years to learn how to fight ONE ticket only.